TOP STORY: Six Hospitalised As Event Center Collapses On Guests During Burial Reception

TOP STORY: Six Hospitalised As Event Center Collapses On Guests During Burial ReceptionNo fewer than six persons escape death by whiskers following the collapse of an event centre in Ijero-Ekiti, headquarters of Ijero Local Government Area of Ekiti State. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The Nation gathered that the incident occurred at about 4:15 pm on Saturday, September 2.

The building with 250 occupants had its roof and walls receded while being used as reception venue for a burial ceremony, leaving guests sustaining varying degree of injuries.

It was learned that the prompt arrival of the Fire Services personnel at the incident scene prevented casualties, as they rescued the victims from the rubble and swiftly transported them to the hospital for treatment.

Apart from the wreckage, the building auditorium and surroundings were littered with spilled foods served for the guests, broken bottles, shoes, male caps, female wigs and headgears.

Relaying how the incident happened, an eyewitness said: “A reception exercise for a burial ceremony was ongoing when there was a deep crack on the wall. And suddenly, the roofing and Plaster of Paris(POP) caved in and fell on those who were seated inside the auditorium.

“This caused a stampede. Many were wounded in the process while some occupants sustained serious bodily injuries. I was here with the Chairman of the Local Government with Fire Service men to rescue the people out of the rubbles.

“Those who were seriously wounded were immediately taken to the hospital for treatments”.

Meanwhile, the Ekiti State Governor, Biodun Oyebanji expressed sympathy over the building collapse, describing it as unfortunate and saddening

Oyebanji, represented by his deputy, Monisade Afuye, who visited the collapsed building and Ijero General Hospital, where some victims received treatments, on Sunday morning, grieved over the incident.

Oyebanji directed all the agencies of government to ensure that all the public buildings of that nature are supervised and certified at every stage to avoid unwarranted fatalities.

The governor said the incident could have been averted, if proper building compliance with specifications were carried out by government agencies, warning that situation like that shouldn’t be allowed to reoccur in the state.

Oyebanji assured that his goverment will map out strategies to make Emergency Management Equipment available in all the local governments to respond to any alarming situation.

He said: “Let me sympathise with the victims of this devastating incident. Nobody prays for bad thing to happen , but we need to be proactive in preventing occurrences of this nature, rather than being retroactive.

“I know that if the building had been thoroughly supervised and certified fit at every stage of the erection, this incident could have been averted.

“It is just normal and procedural that all public buildings should be monitored and that they built to specifications and with standard materials used because the common feature associated with building collapse now is for contractors to use substandard products.

“We thank God that no life was lost. But as a responsible government, we won’t wait until people died before taking actions that can safeguard their lives. That is why it is most expedient that all government’s agencies must be responsive to their duties all the times.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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