TOP GIST: Nigerian Lady Relocates to Japan After Getting Job Worth Millions of Naira, Gives ‘Japa’ Details in Video

TOP GIST: Nigerian Lady Relocates to Japan After Getting Job Worth Millions of Naira, Gives 'Japa' Details in VideoA Nigerian woman shared her story of how she moved to Japan with a simple trick in a TikTok video
She said that she decided to leave Nigeria and chose Japan as her destination, then started looking for jobs online…CONTINUE READING>>>>>

She faced many rejections from the employers she applied to, but she finally got a job that made her relocation easier
In a captivating TikTok video, a Nigerian woman revealed how she achieved her dream of moving to Japan with a simple strategy.

She explained that she was determined to leave Nigeria and pursue a better life in Japan, which fascinated her.

Photo of Nigerian lady
Lady looks happy and excited in Japan. Photo credit: TikTok/@nigerian_injapan Source: TikTok
She searched for jobs online that matched her skills and qualifications, and applied to hundreds of them.

She faced countless rejections from potential employers but did not give up hope.

She persisted until she finally got a job offer that made her relocation possible.

She expressed joy and gratitude for the opportunity and encouraged others to follow their dreams. compiled some of the reactions below:


“Person go do hook up finish dey come out from Hotel in portharcourt begin dey tell us say he dey Japan..may God strengthen you.”
Don Liberty:

“I’m interested.”
Fidelis Ifechukwu:

“Prosper do you have any group that I can join for Japa to japan.”

“Please I’m in Japan I need your links for ALT,I’m in Saitama prefecture.”

“Just LEOKING JESUOVIE I am really interested in a full video on studying there.”
Larry Rhodee:

“Interesting, looking forward to seeing the link.”
Sarah Sarah:

“Please did you evaluate your results before getting the Job??”
Lady who relocated abroad gets employed in restaurant
Meanwhile, earlier reported that a hardworking lady identified as @zy___harrison on TikTok documented her experience on her first day at work in Canada.

The happy lady expressed her excitement to bag her first job as an international student living in Canada.

In her caption, Zainab said she embraced the early wake-up time as part of the life of an international student in Canada. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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