TOP GIST: “It’s a shame to study law in Nigeria.”- Peter Okoye mocks the Nigerian legal system

TOP GIST: Nigerian music sensation Peter Okoye, one half of the duo P-Square, expressed his anger with the status of the legal system in Nigeria in a recent tweet that sparked a social media discourse. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The artist wrote on Twitter, “Imagine studying law in a lawless country.”

This statement follows his recent condemnation of banking companies for their shady practices.

Just days before issuing the statement, Peter Okoye utilized his platform to criticize financial institutions. His prime target for their fraudulent actions had been GTB bank.

Peter Okoye recently decided to continue his attack on Nigerian banks, demonstrating that he was clearly not done.

Peter Okoye had chastised banking institutions for enabling online swindlers to use his identity to defraud consumers. Remember that Mr P runs a lottery scheme that online scammers have used to defraud individuals using his name.

Peter had taken to Instagram to criticize GT Bank, sharing images of accounts using his name.

He expressed his disappointment that financial institutions were not dependable and trustworthy. He also questioned the use of having a BVN and NIN if it’s so simple for people to set up accounts using other people’s identities. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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