Top 5 Major Ways to Eliminate Wall Geckos In Your Home, Office

Top 5 Major Ways to Eliminate Wall Geckos In Your Home, OfficeHere are the 5 (five) ways to eliminate wall geckos in your home and office.

There is a popular believe that gecko lizards aren’t harmful and shouldn’t be killed. In fact it is forbidden in some culture to kill them. But sadly, recent stories we have been reading via the internet has made this hitherto house friend an enemy. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

5 Ways to Eliminate Wall Geckos In Your Home, Office
Here are few tips that can help you eliminate or repel wall geckos in your apartment:

1. Ensure you fix net in all your windows and doors (for door that is not properly sealed). This is because this creature has the potential to enter your home/office between few inches. The popular aluminium sliding windows isn’t reliable as they stroll to your house with ease from the bottom even after closed.

2. If there is infestation, chase them with garlic. Cut garlic and expose them where you normally see the droplet of the faeces. This will scare them away. Gecko lizards does not like garlic smell, no wonder they are not found in kitchens where there are garlics.

3. Egg shell is another good tool in warding them off. Break the eggs and leave the shells were their activities are common. This work like magic. Gecko lizards have phobia for egg shell. They always appear as their enemy.

4. Eliminate all insect in your house via routine fumigation or use of insect killer. Gecko lizards feed on insects and if insect are not available in your home/office, they won’t like to live there. So regular fumigation or use of insecticides can help eliminate insect in your house. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

5. De-clutter your home/office. When there are enough luggage and baggage in your house/office, it gives them a perfect place to dwell. This should should be discouraged. Try to make your house/office as scanty as possible. The same is true with your kitchen: avoid pilling of utensils and cartons in your kitchen so that they won’t have a dwelling place.

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