To Celebrate My Appointment As Minister, I Went To The Hospital And Helped The Less Priveleged – Uju Kenedy

Uju Kenedy, the minister for women’s affairs, has come forward to discuss the initial actions she did following President Bola Tinubu’s inauguration of her as a minister a few days ago. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Uju Kenedy, who appeared in an interview on AIT this morning, claimed that she visited hospitals to assist the less fortunate who were being held back due to failure to pay their medical bills. After her inauguration, she reportedly conducted an extensive inspection of the ministry of women affairs first.

As seen on AIT this morning, in her own words.

“I am excited to start working since I have desired this position for a very long time because I know I will be able to have a positive impact on the nation. I went right to the ministry the day after my inauguration to do my press conference and meet with the workers. I had to go for an inspection after that because I knew this ministry had many properties. Some are used, while others are not, so I had to conduct an inspection.

I visited the women’s development center and took a look around to see what they were up to. After that, I went to the hospital to celebrate my appointment by paying the bills for the poor patients—including the women and children who had been kept in the hospital pending payment—since I was able to do so. And I also compensated for some of them who still required medical attention.…… Continue Your Reading

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