Titilope Akosa: Sanwo-Olu and the APC should investigate the rejection of 17 commissioner nominees by the Lagos Assembly.

Titilope Gbemisola Akosa, executive director of the Centre for 21st Century Issues, hinted that an internal crisis within the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) may have contributed to the rejection of 17 commissioner nominees by the Lagos State House of Assembly. She argued that the ruling party and the state’s current governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, should investigate the situation. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

It was stated by Gbemisola Akosa, “I think it’s an issue that the Governor has to really look into, and APC, as a party, needs to really look into.”

Akosa suggested that a conflict inside the ruling party may be the reason why the Lagos Assembly rejected 17 Commissioner nominees during an interview on the Arise Television show The Morning Show. She asserts that the list of commissioner nominations may not have been created by the Governor alone, and that some parties may thus feel wronged. Considering that both the Speaker of the House of Assembly and the Governor are APC members, but there were rejections, the lawyer was asked whether she believes that there would be an internal crisis in the Lagos Chapter of the party. She said that conflict cannot be ruled out.

Akosa continued by stating that the governor’s list of commissioner nominations has drawn criticism. She argued that the Governor and the APC should check into the situation because it has never been documented that the House rejected 17 nominations.…… Continue Your Reading

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