Tinubu: Matthew 15:26–28 parallels what you have in the Southeast. Madhi Shehu.

Political activist Mahdi Shehu connected the ministerial posts assigned to the southeast by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to a passage in the Bible, notably Matthew 15:26–28, in an interview with Arise News. Shehu added that it seemed like Tinubu had set aside the position of petroleum minister for himself. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Mahdi Shehu claimed that President Bola Ahmed would have acted differently if he had taken into account the circumstances surrounding his arrival. He claims that a sizable number of people—roughly 14 million—express their distaste for Tinubu and that there are several objections and skepticisms. Shehu asserts that Tinubu did not depart from former President Muhammadu Buhari’s course of action. He gave the distribution of cabinet offices in the southeast as an illustration.

“What you have in Southeast is comparable to what is stated in Matthew chapter 15:26–28, which states that it is improper to take the bread meant for the children and give it to the dogs. Even the dog eats off the crumbs that fall from the master’s table, the woman said.

He went on to say;

If he had taken all of this into account, he would have responded differently, but instead he chose to act in the same way as Buhari—that is, with the same pace and style. “14 million people say we don’t like you.”

Mahdi Said claimed that there are not enough resources for the southeast. Even when all the ministries assigned to the southeast are merged, according to him, they still fall short of the port authority of Nigeria.…… Continue Your Reading

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