Tinubu: Johnson Praised Buhari In 2015 For The Steps He Took In His First Weeks In Office

Veteran journalist and public affairs analyst Jide Johnson has urged caution in the nation with regard to praise being heaped on the new Bola Tinubu administration, which has continued to receive praise from Nigerians and political observers for its performance in its first fifteen days in office.

Remember that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is said to have signed the Student Loans Bill into law within the last two weeks in addition to removing the contentious petroleum subsidy.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

A wide range of Nigerians have applauded the President’s actions in suspending some powerful agency heads over charges of corruption.

Johnson, a Senior Lecturer at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, argued that it was way too early for people to start praising the new government for doing things it was elected to do in the first place during a phone interview on PLUS TV a few hours ago.…… Continue Your Reading

The seasoned journalist claims that Muhammadu Buhari, Tinubu’s predecessor, received accolades for some of his first few weeks in office activities but is now facing harsh criticism from those same people.

“If you look closely, you will see that the same approach and playbook that Buhari adopted in 2015 when he first took office, those actions he took that resulted in people praising him, is what is being deployed again now,” he said. He was praised for taking on corruption. Currently, the same story is being told. However, it is the responsibility of Nigerians to exercise caution and for the media to shine a spotlight on any suspicious activity.

I’ve only read positive remarks on the President’s moves after five or six of them. You see, people are not elected to public office to receive acclaim. They’re supposed to be exposed to public examination. Those who choose to hold public office have volunteered their services to the populace. Why therefore the cheers for starting a scheme (student loans) that we haven’t yet tested? I believe Nigerians should cease thanking their leaders for carrying out the fundamental duties that their positions require of them.

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