Tinubu Is Told By LP That You Don’t Have A Moral Right To Interrogate Niger Coupists

VanguardNews reports that the Labor Party (LP) declared on Saturday that President Bola Tinubu lacked the moral authority to lead the member nations of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) into a war against the military junta in the Republic of Niger. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

In a statement from National Publicity Secretary Obiora Ifoh, LP claimed that a puritan military cannot be led honorably against a sovereign nation by a purportedly illegitimate administration that has seized power, as the coup plotters in the Republic of Niger.

The party argued that the process leading up to an election was considerably more significant than the results.

In the statement, it was stated that the procedures leading up to the general election in 2023 were twisted, corrupted, and rigged, and that a government that had been installed by such illegitimate means lacked the moral authority to object to a similar procedure carried out outside of its borders.

We truly think that charitable endeavors have to begin at home.

The party contended that if the election was willfully manipulated, the administration that would emerge from such a process would be equivalent to a military takeover.

It stated: A coup is a coup, whether it’s carried out by the military or in a democracy, and questioned how one could account for a scenario in which the candidate with the most number of votes wins an election despite not being the most popular.

Support for another candidate who is claimed to have won with the aid of fraudulent government agencies?…… Continue Your Reading


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