Tinubu is the President and has the authority to sanitize anywhere he can, according to Emefiele Nwosu.

Former Chief of Staff to the Imo State Government, Uche Nwosu has urged Nigerians to be patient with the Bola Tinubu administration over the suspension of the Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

According to Nwosu, allegations that Tinubu carried out his decisions due to a personal vendetta are misplaced

He insisted that Tinubu being the president has to sanitize wherever he can and surround himself with a team he can work with. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He said, “If you say it is a vendetta, does it mean that because some­body ran an election with me, and that person has questions to answer I should not investi­gate him because of what people would say? The country will fall into the pit.

“He is the President now, and he needs to sanitize wherever he can. And he also needs to have a team with which he can work.”

Speaking further, Nwosu dismissed fears that the reopening of the nation’s border might hurt the economy.

“It would rather help restore those thousands of jobs that were lost due to the closure of the borders. While at the same time, allowing Nigerians to focus on what they can produce locally. …… Continue Your Reading

“Remember that there are thousands and millions of Nigerians that lost their jobs because of the closure of these borders. You have people there doing their businesses, selling groundnuts, and you have poor women there selling Mama-put by the side of the road.

“The closure of the border everybody left. It’s not going to make us lazy doing what we nor­mally produce in this country. As for me, I like local rice. So, even if you bring thousands of foreign rice I will not eat. Nige­rians have gotten used to local rice. We’ll still produce our rice. We’ll still produce some of the things we produce,” he added.

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