Tinubu is refusing to promise Nigerians what he cannot deliver to them right now, according to Ngelale.

Despite the misery engulfing the entire nation, President Bola Tinubu will not make promises to Nigerians that he cannot keep, according to Ajuri Ngelale, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on media and publicity. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Ngelale, who featured in an interview on Channels television this morning, claimed that while the process of restructuring Nigeria is very difficult, Nigerians will ultimately look back on it and conclude that it was all worthwhile.

As shown on Channels television this morning, in his own words…

“Everyone agrees that there is severe suffering present throughout the nation. However, the president will not make promises that he is unable to keep. He won’t claim that when Nigerians awaken the following morning, everything would be well. He is outlining for Nigerians where we are and what we are doing to get through this to the other side, where it will be permanent.

“I liken His Excellency, Mr. President to a surgeon who says that bandaging our wounds won’t cut it any longer; I have to actually go in and, to put it another way, “pull the bullet out. The process can be painful, but the recovery is lasting. And when we come out on the other side, Nigerians will look back and realize that it was the correct thing to do despite the temporary difficulties brought on by these crucial and essential economic reforms.…… Continue Your Reading

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