Tinubu: If the bill to regulate practicing Christianity passes, Nigeria will resemble China, according to Ekwowusi

Sonnie Ekwowusi, the chairman of the African Bar Association’s human and constitutional rights committee, claimed in an interview with Arise TV News on Saturday that the Bola Tinubu administration is about to pass a law to control the practice of Christianity in Nigeria. If the bill is ultimately passed, according to Ekwowusi, Nigeria will be moving in the same direction as China, where religious practice is being regulatedCONTINUE READING>>>>>

This Bill Is Very Sad Because It Means That Nigeria Is Going To Be Like China, Where Religion or Christianity Is Undercover And Can Be Practiced Because The State Has Interrupted The Way You Should Be Worshipping, So We Are Saying That This Is Bad Faith And Democracy Is About The Rights Of The People, Said Ekwowusi.

He continued, “This is what the 10th assembly stands for, and Nigeria democracy promotes the rights of the people; we all have these rights, and nobody should try to violate them because it is known as the fundamental human right to freedom of worship, and we are operating a circular state; the state has no right to dictate the manner in which we should worship.”….. Continue Your Reading


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