Tinubu has been informed by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) that only the legal system can determine what constitutes “illegal” behavior.

In response to President Bola Tinubu’s statement regarding “illegal orders” during his Democracy Day address, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) clarified that the determination of what constitutes “illegal orders” is within the jurisdiction of the courts, not the presidency. In a letter released by NBA President Yakubu Maikyau, SAN, the association expressed its commitment to opposing any attempt to undermine democracy while emphasizing that the role of determining legality rests with the judiciaryCONTINUE READING>>>>>

Maikyau congratulated Tinubu on his inauguration as the sixth democratically elected President of Nigeria and urged the new government to prioritize national security, the economy, and the administration of justice. The NBA emphasized the importance of a transparent and informed approach to address security challenges, invest in manpower development, and procure necessary equipment. The letter also acknowledged the public support for subsidy removal, but stressed the need to mitigate its impact on citizens and implement measures to alleviate difficulties resulting from the subsidy withdrawal….. Continue Your Reading

Regarding the administration of justice, Maikyau highlighted the need for comprehensive reforms across various aspects of the judicial system, including policing, adjudication, bail, sentencing, and imprisonment. The NBA expressed confidence that Nigeria, under Tinubu’s leadership, has the potential to effectively address these challenges and meet the expectations of the Nigerian people, particularly the most vulnerable communities

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