Three Premier League teams that have won their first two games this year

In the Premier League this year, there are certain teams that have had excellent starts. They have two victories and six points after two games. These teams have excelled this year, and they will continue to do so through the end of the campaign. The three teams are as follows. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

1. Brighton: De Zerbi’s team has performed better this season, winning twice by scores of 4-1. In addition to defeating Luton Town, the team dominated Wolverhampton Wanderers. They presently have six points and a six-goal differential, which puts them atop the Premier League standings.

2 City of Manchester: The triple champion from last season continues to defend its Premier League title this year with two victories in as many games. The team defeated Burnley, a Premier League debutant, and went on to overcome Newcastle in the second game. Manchester City are likely to win more games as a result of their consistency.

3. Arsenal: The Premier League’s runner-up last year has defeated Crystal Palace and Nottingham Forest twice this year. Arsenal had a difficult time controlling the game, even though it was not a bad performance.…… Continue Your Reading

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