Three actions Pochenttino needs to take to save Chelsea’s season

Chelsea only earned one point from their first two games due to their first loss of the year. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Here are three things Pochenttino should do to salvage their season, even though it already appears as though their nightmare from last year is likely to continue.

1. A modification of formation;

The 3-5-2 system has limited Chelsea’s attacking options even though it has provided them some possession and the ability to press.

Although the formation allows few spaces for attackers, it gives the midfield width and depth. Most of the time, only Jackson is seen in front.

2. A shift in personae

Gallagher has had a relatively low impact over the entire season and is not the greatest Chelsea midfielder. It is important to give other players an opportunity.

3. Increase Self-Belief;

Despite just being down one goal, Chelsea were disjointed. They lost concentration, which allowed West Ham United to score a second goal.

Even with a red card, they continued to press West Ham United due to their lack of confidence.…… Continue Your Reading

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