This month, I’ll dedicate large church structures in Warri, Uyo, and Jos. – Paul Enenche

The founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, addressed his congregation on “The Blessing Of The Word Of God” at the September Blessing Service in Abuja at the Glory Dome. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He described the power of the word as the ability to multiply efforts as he talked about how it can bring blessings. Only the attempt that followed the Word was successful after a whole night of work. that by taking only one step, you can achieve what would take a thousand. The power of the Word of God can magnify efforts to such an extent that the results you are experiencing do not correspond to your labors. People may believe you to be a champion or anything else, but they are unaware of the things that are both working with and for you.

Then he added that this month will see the dedication of enormous churches in Warri, Uyo, and Jos. He announced, “Tonight I will dedicate a Dunamis Church in Rayfield, Jos. This month, I will dedicate two additional Dunamis churches: one in Warri, Delta State, and one in Uyo, Akwa Ibom. It’s not by force, it’s not from the one who runs or wills.

Then he continued, “These are buildings being built in the millions; some properties bought with over 200 million, just for the land alone. Yes, there are now billion-dollar properties. Not of him who runs or wills, but of God who is merciful. The Chicago program and the New York crusade both take place in the same month. The resources, the enthusiasm, and the grace are all there. I believe that the energy is the main component. How do you feel? I’ll let you give it a try if you have any doubts (laughs). Hallelujah!

Then he concluded, “The reason why God must move quickly is because if we follow things according to the regular schedule, we won’t achieve anything even in a thousand years, and we won’t achieve much until Jesus returns. Our efforts need to be amplified because of this.…… Continue Your Reading

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