There was no justification for not displaying the PEPT judges’ faces yesterday, according to Onyekpere

A lawyer and the Lead Director of the Centre for Social Justice, Eze Onyekpere, has stated publicly that the court had no justification for withholding the identities of the justices who rendered the tribunal’s decision yesterday. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Remember how the judges’ faces were not displayed on television during yesterday’s Presidential election petition tribunal ruling? Mr. Onyekpere, who gave an interview on Channels television this morning, claimed there was no justification for this since the judges’ names were already well-known and that many lawyers and Nigerians might also be familiar with them.

In his own words as seen on Channels television this morning…

“Yesterday I didn’t see the faces of the PEPT judges, I don’t know if anyone did. Things like this raises questions and these judges are Nigerians, their names were made public, many lawyers know them and many people may know them too. Why did they direct the cameras to not show the faces? Because hearing the voice of the individual, without seeing the person and their gesticulations, makes it look somewhat like an artificial intelligence kind of proceeding. There was absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t have seen the faces of the judges.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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