There is a new bill to control the practice of Christianity in Nigeria, according to Tinubu. (Sonnie Ekwowusi)

According to Sonnie Ekwowusi, the chair of the African Bar Association’s human and constitutional rights committee, a measure to control the practice of Christianity in Nigeria is poised to pass under the present Bola Tinubu administration. In an interview with Arise Tv News, he claimed that section 38 of the 1999 constitution, which addresses freedom of speech, thinking, conscience, and religion, is violated by this measure.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He continued by saying that the measure will devastate the Christian community since there won’t be much freedom of speech. He stated that it is the duty of the President to prevent the passage of this bill into law. He contends that Nigeria is a secular state where all faiths must be acknowledged.

”Nigeria is a secular state, and the government has no right to meddle with how religion is practiced there,” he declared. The State and the Church are separate entities. Churches and the State are two separate institutions, hence the State is not permitted to influence how they are administered. A new bill has been introduced to control Christian practice in Nigeria. The measure goes so far as to state that Abuja will have a council for education…… Continue Your Reading

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