There are forces attempting to ignite the third world war, but God is against to their plans, according to primate Ayodele.

The INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church’s founder and primate, Primate Elijah Ayodele, recently shared a message with the general public on his TikTok profile. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

According to the cleric in the video, “There Are Powers That Want To Kick Start The Third World War, But God Is Against It.” “This is a divine message, just like the one in 2 Chronicles 20:20,” he added, “where it says, “Early in the morning they went out for the Desert of Tekoa. Jehoshaphat rose as they left and said, “Listen to me, Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem! You will be supported if you have confidence in the LORD, your God, and you will succeed if you have faith in his prophets.

I Want To Call On The American And Russian Nations, Not To Allow A Little Crisis In Belarus And Poland,” he continued. Because, if caution is not exercised, even a small crisis in those nations might completely destabilize the entire world. God is opposed to the powers that have previously sought to ignite the Third World War.…… Continue Your Reading

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