The time has come to give long-awaited directives, according to a new prophecy by Pastor Enenche

During the September 2023 Deliverance and Healing Service, Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche, the General Overseer of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, recently delivered a stirring sermon. The well-known Christian pastor shared insightful advice on moving from abstract hope to concrete expression in this talk. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He also gave a new prophecy during this powerful sermon, declaring that the time has come for the accomplishment of long-awaited results, visions, mandates, and dreams.

Pastor Paul Enenche emphasized three essential steps to progress from expectation to manifestation:

1. Maintain unwavering confidence in your anticipation.

2. Refuse to be swayed by the outcomes or criticisms from those who oppose your beliefs.

3. Foster a deep reverence for the Lord in your heart.

Expounding on his prophecy, Pastor Enenche emphasized the principle that those who cultivate expectations will ultimately reap a bountiful harvest. Citing the timeless wisdom of God’s Word, he declared with conviction that the appointed time for the realization of your prolonged desires, visions, missions, and aspirations has now arrived.

This profound message was delivered in a live broadcast on the official YouTube channel of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, just a few hours ago. It serves as a source of inspiration and hope for countless individuals seeking divine intervention in their lives. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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