The statement “Atiku Divided PDP’S Votes, All The Votes LP Garnered Were From The Party’s Stronghold” (Osita Okechukwu)

The statement "Atiku Divided PDP'S Votes, All The Votes LP Garnered Were From The Party's Stronghold" (Osita Okechukwu)

According to Osita Okechukwu, a founding member of the ruling party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar allegedly divided PDP votes in prior elections in Nigeria, allowing the Labour Party to win support from the party’s base. He made this statement to journalists after the conclusion of the PEPT judgement in Abuja, according to Daily Post.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He argued that Atiku had been misinformed by the people in his camp to believe that the Northerners would vote for him based on ethnicity. He stated categorically that the PDP’s chance of retaining power was sabotaged by Atiku and his cronies.

He said, ”Atiku divided PDP’s votes irreparably, all the votes Labour Party garnered were from the party’s stronghold, minus voted warehoused by the former vice president who naively forgot that Northern Voters are the most sophisticated in the country, but believed that Northern electorate would behave like Children in a dormitory waiting for directives on how to vote.”CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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