The Security Protocol Around The President Needs To Be Reorganized — According to Adamu Garba Sends An Alarm

Political pundit Adamu Garba II has questioned the security setup surrounding President Bola Tinubu in the wake of the President’s recent tumble while boarding a parade vehicle during the Democracy Day celebrations at Eagles Square in Abuja.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Garba expressed his concerns on social media, calling for a reorganization of the security protocol to better protect the nation’s leader.

In a tweet, Garba emphasized the need for stricter adherence to standard security practices: “The security protocol around the President needs to be reorganized. You cannot allow the President to board an elevated parade vehicle all alone while all of you looked on. By standard protocol, he is supposed to be guided. He is the President and commander-in-Chief.”

The incident, which saw President Tinubu momentarily lose his footing and hit his head while stepping onto the ceremonial vehicle, has sparked a broader discussion about the safety and security measures in place for the nation’s highest office. The swift assistance from nearby security personnel allowed the President to quickly regain his composure and continue with the day’s events, but the episode has highlighted potential gaps in protective protocols.

Garba’s remarks draw attention to the critical importance of ensuring the safety of the President, especially during high-profile public events. His comments suggest that the existing security measures may have been inadequate in preventing the incident and call for a review and enhancement of the procedures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Standard protocol typically mandates close protection officers to be in proximity to the President during movements, especially when boarding or disembarking from vehicles or navigating uneven terrain. Garba’s critique points to a lapse in these measures and underscores the need for comprehensive reassessment to safeguard the President effectively.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>