The Most Rev. Godfrey Onah warns Christians away from pastors who offer to sell them holy oil for healing.

The Catholic Bishop of the Nsukka Diocese, Most Rev. Prof. Godfrey Onah Igwebuike, issued a caution to Christians regarding pastors who sell the Holy Anointing Oil in exchange for miracles during the dedication of St. Thomas Parish Church, Ohodo. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The Catholic priest claims that many Christians who are in need of assistance end up falling victim to pastors who provide the Holy Anointing Oil. In his opinion, the Holy Anointing Oil does not resolve issues; rather, it largely consecrates one to God.

Godfrey Onah, the Most Reverend: “The anointing oil is to make you holy, not to fix your issues. The purpose of the anointing oil is to dedicate you to God and help you with your troubles. Pastors selling the holy anointing oil for miracles should not be trusted. Put your trust in God since everyone must answer for themselves at the end of the day.…… Continue Your Reading

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