The Most Rev. Godfrey Onah Explains Why Nigeria Is Suffering

The public was given a message today by Most Reverend Professor Godfrey Onah, the catholic bishop of the Nsukka Diocese, explaining why Nigeria is passing through difficult times. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The well-known Christian pastor asserts that a country must exhibit Christian ideals in order to succeed because nothing is flawless or effective apart from Christ. He concluded that Nigeria’s difficulties stem from the absence of any discernible evidence of Christian values there.

“Check the history of the most developed countries in the world, and you will see signs of Christian values in their life,” he said, paraphrasing what is said in the video (36:41). This is so that a nation can be transformed by the Word of God. Even in the Bible, the Israelites experienced suffering after turning away from God. I must state that this is the main factor behind how things are developing in this nation. But in order to overcome it, we must maintain purity in our souls.…… Continue Your Reading

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