The life of David and Solomon differed significantly, according to Reverend Father Oluoma.

One of the priests of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Reverend Father John Oluoma, has issued a statement to the general public. The man of God highlighted one distinction between the lives of David and Solomon in his social media video post. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The clergy contend that David’s successful conclusion to his life is what makes it different from Solomon’s disastrous conclusion. He claimed that this occurred because David lived wisely whereas Solomon did not.

“The difference between Solomon and David is that David ended well, he had disasters along the way, but he died peacefully and happily as an old man,” he said, “whereas Solomon ended disastrously.”

He went on to say that Solomon recorded his struggles in the book of Ecclesiastes, declaring that life is nothing but vanity on top of vanity.

All of them were mentioned by him as he discussed the distinction between wisdom and riches, treasures and garbage.…… Continue Your Reading

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