The INEC IT director has been identified; he formerly served as a commissioner in Lagos-George

The former National Chairman of the PDP, Chief Bode George, disclosed in an interview with Arise News that they have identified the INEC IT (information technology) director, noting that he was formerly a commissioner in Lagos. He said that the INEC chairman should not be present if he is complaining that there was an issue with the election……Continue Reading

The individual’s identity was subsequently revealed to be Femi Odubiyi, and the man was then questioned about how he came to be the IT director of INEC as well as a commissioner of science and technology.

According to him, “I’ve asked this question before.” Who is the man in charge of IT? We’ve now discovered that he was first of all a commissioner in Lagos and commissioner of science and technology. His name is Femi Odubiyi. He’s the manager in charge of the IT department at INEC. How did he become commissioner in Lagos? Who put him there? And then, who put him in the INEC? “Now if Prof. Yakubu complains that there was a hitch, then why is that man still there?”

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