The First Concept Of Policing Is In The Bible If You Read Genesis 2 Vs 15 And On- According to Police PRO


According to Police Public Relations Officer Muyiwa Adejobi, the Bible contains the original ideas of police. On Tuesday, he posted the remark on his official X Twitter. When he said that, he was responding to an X user who had advised people not to rely on the police.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The X user wrote on his page;

“Depend on police at your own risk in Nigeria. I only depend on God”.

Reacting to the statement that was made by the X user, the Police Public Relations Officer said it is God who created the police and police is God’s project.

He said the concept of policing started in the Bible after God told Adam to watch the garden of Eden.

Here is what the Police Public Relations Officer wrote on his page;

“The first concept of policing is in the bible if you read Genesis 2 vs 15 and on. Keeping watch on the garden of Eden is policing. Read it, you will understand better. So don’t hate the police, don’t condemn the police”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>