“The APC Has Used Several Techniques To Suppress The LP To Ensure Its Submission,” Muhammad Umar Farouk

The National Working Committee of the Labour Party, headed by Julius Abure, has said that the All Progressives Congress, or APC, is funding insurgents in an effort to destabilize the party. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

At a press conference held yesterday at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja, Malam Umar Farouk, the LP’s national secretary, according to Vanguard, stated that the party was well aware of the opposition party’s desperate attempt to split the labor movement in order to undercut its chances in the upcoming governorship election in Imo State. According to him, the purpose of the news conference was to clear the air following yet another attempt by expelled party members to rebel against the LP and deceive the public about the party’s progress.

“We are still arguing before the tribunal against the conduct and outcomes of the presidential election,” he said. To ensure the Labour Party’s surrender, the ruling party has used a number of strategies, one of which was to assist a rebellion among some suspended former party members, including Lamidi Apapa and a small number of others. Their responsibility was to prevent any advancement by the party. The well-funded dissidents have tried in vain to frighten the party leadership by deceiving the courts and some media outlets on numerous occasions. Julius Abure’s position as National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP) was just recently confirmed by the Benin City Court of Appeal.…… Continue Your Reading

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