The APC, according to Kazaure, asserts that Peter Obi’s followers are four people tweeting in the same space

The APC, according to Kazaure, asserts that Peter Obi's followers are four people tweeting in the same spaceMr. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, responded to the Ministry of Labor and Employment’s request that the DSS hold him. Feyamo claimed in his appeal that he was aware of Peter Obi’s suspected harboring of young individuals at an Abuja hotel so they could publish divisive remarks online.

In reaction to these accusations, Nana Kazaure maintained that Peter Obi has never acted in such a manner….. Continue Reading

She claimed it is incredible that individuals who formerly thought Peter Obi’s fans were four people tweeting in a room are now calling for his arrest. When a candidate’s campaign spokesman ignites the political discourse on their social media platform, according to Kazaure, reconciliation is impossible. She asserts that Peter Obi has merely expressed a willingness to contest the method used to determine Tinubu’s victory.

First of all, Festus Keyamo made a false statement when he said that our principal had assembled young people in an Abuja hotel. His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi, has called for calm and moderation and stated that he wants the rule of law to go according to its due path.

The APC wants Peter Obi detained now because Obidients are supposedly four people tweeting in a same space. No member of the Labour Party has ever been seen in a popular video pleading with viewers not to vote. telling members of a certain tribe living in a particular region of Nigeria not to vote.

We’ve always gotten along, so we trust the legal system to handle this case fairly. In Nigeria, the issue is that a sizable portion of the leadership is accustomed to exercising absolute power.

We need to determine whether we choose a democratic or dictatorial system of government. Saying that we wish to heal is insufficient, especially if your spokesman, a pastor involved in active ministry, criticizes those who are ostensibly providing obstacles to the healing process……. Read more

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