the amount of money Nigeria spends on VP’s resident Even US cannot spend that much

the amount of money Nigeria spends on VP's resident Even US cannot spend that muchA recent recommendation by the House of Representatives Committee on National Security and Intelligence suggested acquiring two new aircraft, claiming it would be cost-efficient and provide safer transport for the nation’s top leaders.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Obi’s response underscored the government’s disconnection from the people’s struggles. He pointed out that the existing presidential jets, averaging 12 years in age, were bought when citizens could still afford basic necessities. He argued that, given the dire economic conditions, resources should focus on alleviating poverty rather than adding luxury for the leadership.

He further compared Nigeria’s situation with the United States, where the Vice President resides in a century-old house valued at significantly less than Nigeria’s expenditure on the Vice President’s residence. Obi emphasized the need for leadership that aligns with societal needs, advocating for prioritizing solutions to the citizens’ problems over luxury acquisitions.

In his statement, Obi said, “Instead of adding to our luxuries, we should be focused on alleviating their suffering and finding solutions to their problems. For long, our bad leadership has made our priorities, as leaders, to be at variance with the needs of society, which is why we are headed now south as a nation.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>