“Ten years ago, I wore a $15,500 wedding dress because I couldn’t afford a nice one _ Warri Pikin”

Warri Pikin, a well-known personality and comedian, revealed her story about wearing a $15,000 wedding dress because she couldn’t afford a more beautiful one ten years ago.

She described in her posts the horrific experience she had ten years earlier when she hired a wedding dress for $250,000 and was unable to pay for it. She claimed to have gone there with Rebecca, her best friend. She was unable to pay for the outfit after one week, therefore the brand was forced to sell it. She was required to rent a 15k dress, which she wore to her wedding. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Warri Pikin describes in her posts the joy that flooded her heart when she first saw her wedding attire. She recalled how awful her history was because of how beautiful it was at the time. She just looked stunning in her stunning wedding outfit.

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