Tchidi Chikere:”Many Igbo elders were against me casting Olu Jacobs as an Igbo Chief because he’s Yoruba”

Tchidi Chikere:"Many Igbo elders were against me casting Olu Jacobs as an Igbo Chief because he's Yoruba"Tchidi Chikere, a well-known Nollywood actor, producer, and director, has paid tribute to legendary actor Olu Jacobs on social media. Tchidi said that many elder men in the east opposed him casting Olu Jacobs as an Igbo chief because they believed he was ignorant of their culture in a recent post on his official Facebook page. He further emphasized that he continued and continued to cast Olu Jacobs in those parts in spite of the complaints.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“In his Words”

“Many older guys in the east at the time openly wondered why producers preferred to cast Olu Jacobs as an Igbo Chief. They said he was Yoruba and had no fundamental understanding of Igbo Culture, they said ‘Tchidi why are you casting Olu Jacobs for the Igwe role? What does he know about breaking kolanut and the traditional rites?”.

“I smiled and I cast him even the more and in more roles. Uncle Olu Jacobs is the best, yes I said what I said. A gentleman to the core, never seen him loose his cool or get angry in all the years I have known him and worked with him from Ijele in 1999 till date, he was a peacemaker on set, he didn’t give nobody no trouble, his age didn’t cause him to ever have any sense of entitlement or look down on us who started watching his movies as kids while he dazzled as Inspector Best Idafa in the now rested NTA series, The Third Eye”, Tchidi Chikere wrote and it stirred massive reactions from the general public.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>