Tamunosisi Gogo Jaja:”Nobody Has Asked Rivers State Inec Why They Are Unable To Conduct An Election”

Tamunosisi Gogo Jaja:"Nobody Has Asked Rivers State Inec Why They Are Unable To Conduct An Election"Tamunosisi Gogo Jaja, a former leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly, has said that the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) of the state of Rivers should be questioned on its shortcomings in overseeing election administration.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He alleged that the Amaewhule assembly enacted a law that restricted the use of public facilities such as schools for gatherings, weddings, and political campaigns. He however stated that the same legislative body reversed this decision under a new governor, amending the law to allow unrestricted access to these facilities for all purposes.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”The Amaewhule assembly passed a law that barred people from using public facilities like schools for either meetings, marriages, and campaigns. Now the same assembly because another governor came in and they amended the law to say anybody can have access and that is free for all.

When the last administration was here, the Bureau for Public Procurement Law stipulated that the government can mobilize contactors up to 70%. There is no law that has not been amended in this state since Fubara came in. And now in this situation, do you promulgate a law or pass a bill to suit an individual.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>