Stop waiting for God. When the time comes, you won’t be rejected, Oyedepo promises.

The founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, has issued a warning to his flock, telling them to stop setting God deadlines for their requests. During his sermon at the Covenant Hour of Prayer session, he issued this caution. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He forewarned that many individuals have accepted Satan’s bait and fallen into eternal pitfalls as a result of their inability to wait patiently for God to intervene on their behalf.

“It’s better to be slow and sure than to be fast and fall,” he cautioned.

He advised his audience to wait for God’s timing rather than setting time restrictions for God to repay them for their dedication to him.

“Stop timing God,” he exhorted. “You won’t be ignored when the time comes for you.”…… Continue Your Reading

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