Sota Omoigui:”When I Wrote My Words For The Anthem In 1978, It Was My Dream For Nigeria To Move Forward”

Sota Omoigui:"When I Wrote My Words For The Anthem In 1978, It Was My Dream For Nigeria To Move Forward"Vanguard reports that the move to return Nigeria’s national song to its colonial origins has sparked discussion and outcry. Dr. Sota Omoigui, who co-wrote Nigeria’s national anthem in 1978, expressed his extreme disappointment and concern over this choice.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Reverting to the old national anthem, according to Dr. Omoigui, is a betrayal of Nigeria’s freedom. Those advocating for change may contend that the old anthem might inspire patriotism and represent more contemporary ideas.

But Dr. Omoigui disregarded these assertions as being contradictory. He said that the Nigerian anthem, with its melody and lyrics written by fellow Nigerians, embodies the identity and cultural legacy of Nigeria.

He denounced Nigeria’s windows and the corruption of the current political leadership. He exhorted Nigerians to uphold their sense of pride in their country and oppose this decision.

In his words, “When I wrote my words for the anthem in 1978, it was my dream for the country to move forward and take its place among the great nations of the world.”

“But all that potential has been hijacked and degraded by a political leadership that constitutes a criminal enterprise. The regressive reverting of our anthem to the colonial anthem is a betrayal of our independence.”

“They want to now force Nigerians to sing Nigeria; we hail thee. They want us to hail the 53% unemployment rate of our youths and the 34% unemployment rate of our adults.”

“They want us to hail the minimum monthly wage of N30,000.00, whose earners have to work for three months to purchase a bag of rice that costs N100,000.00.”

“They want us to hail no electricity, roads, pipe-borne water, dilapidated and unsanitary schools with no roofs or windows.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>