Some people’s anger is a sign that they have no money in their pockets, according to Faith Oyedepo.

The wife of Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Mrs. Faith Oyedepo, recently shared a message with the general public on her official Facebook page. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

She advised, “Don’t let the presence or lack of money decide the ambiance of your home. Money is a good servant but a dreadful master. You can tell when someone is furious because they don’t have any money. Keep your home’s calm and joy intact; don’t let money ruin it. Couples should take note of this vital message: one of the things that can both create and ruin a home is money.

So don’t let a lack of funds ruin your house. It’s crucial to have happiness and peace in your household, but sadly, money can make those things go. The neighborhood around your house shouldn’t depend on your financial situation.…… Continue Your Reading

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