Soludo Responds: “Don’t Set Me Up For Impeachment” Peter Obi over Demand for Labour Party Voting in Anambra

The demand by Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi for Anambra residents to cast their votes en masse for LP candidates in the approaching state assembly elections was rebuffed by Anambra State Governor Charles Soludo.

Obi’s appeal for the state’s residents to support the Labour Party, according to Soludo, may have planted landmines and set him up for impeachment. Obi’s experience serving as governor when his party did not control the legislature has been regretted by the current governor of Anambra, who stated that he should not be allowed the same opportunity…..Continue Reading

Reporters make Soludo public Reporters publicize When Obi met with Labour Party candidates for the national and state assemblies on Friday evening in Anambra, he called on the candidates to work with Soludo if he won the election. Soludo spoke in response to Obi’s call. Soludo shouldn’t worry about being impeached by the legislature, which is dominated by the Labour Party, according to Obi, since they would work together to improve the state.

Chris Aburime, the press secretary for Governor Soludo, responded by saying that Obi’s behavior might be deceiving. He declared, “The purpose of that call was to mislead the people of Anambra. Obi cannot talk about Anambra’s progress while also pushing its citizens to choose parliamentarians from the opposition party who will work with Soludo.

“Before to taking office as governor, he worked He concedes that it was challenging working with a legislature that was predominated by PDP lawmakers when he first took office as governor. We sincerely hope that this is not the same offense for which he seeks to frame Soludo as it even led to his impeachment.

“If the people of Anambra want Mr. Governor’s development plans to continue, they must vote overwhelmingly for APGA on Saturday.”

Discussing development and the election of opposition candidates to the House of Assembly at the same time is wrong since it goes against the idea of development. It is a lie.

“In the presidential election, we voted for the Labour Party, but in the House of Assembly election, we will vote for APGA, and we want the people of Anambra to know this,” said the Anambra people. “Soludo refused to intervene as people flocked to the polls to vote for Labour Party, and that was before Soludo made the environment conducive to voter turnout.

There won’t be a governorship election in Anambra on March 18, according to reports. However, Soludo, an All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) member, will run for control of the state assembly amid the Obi-influenced tsunami in Anambra State, which could influence voters to support Labour Party legislative candidates.

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2023: According to the British High Commission, the election’s irregularities were insufficient to change the results.

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