Sim Fubara:”My Wife Is An Ikwerre Woman And So If I’m An In-law, I’m Also An Adopted Son Of Ikwerre”



According to allegations made by Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State, he is an adopted son of the Ikwerre community because his wife is an Ikwerre woman. He boasted that his wife was descended from a prominent Ikwerre family—the Isiokpo family.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

While speaking about the crisis in the state, he urged the Ikwerre people to consistently uphold what is right, regardless of the temptation to side with the majority for financial gain. He stressed the importance of unwavering integrity, emphasizing that those on the wrong side will eventually run out of strength, while those standing firm in righteousness will persevere.

He said in a live coverage with Arise TV, ”I just want to appeal to everyone of you, always stand for what is right. It doesn’t matter whether 1 million is at the other side. If you are the only one standing at the right side, ensure that you stand very well. You won’t get tired but those people standing in the wrong side will definitely be exhausted.

Whether I’m from Ikwerre or not doesn’t really matter. After all when we were going for election, they said that my mother somebody from Rumuepirikom. But aside that, I’m even an in-law and you know the importance of an in-law to an Ikwerre man. My wife is an Ikwerre woman and so if I’m an in-law, I’m also an adopted son of an Ikwerre. And I’m not just anywhere from Ikwerres I’m from Isiokpo family that is recognized by all Ikwerres. So it means that I’m one of you.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>