Shehu’s Buhari Nepotism Criticism After Atiku’s DG Media, Abdul-Aziz Lists Tinubu Yoruba Appointees

Shehu's Buhari Nepotism Criticism After Atiku's DG Media, Abdul-Aziz Lists Tinubu Yoruba AppointeesPresident Bola Tinubu is advised by former Kaduna Central Senator Shehu Sani to refrain from imitating the nepotism of Muhammadu Buhari’s administration while making political appointments. Sani made this point in a recent interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Sani criticized Buhari’s administration for nepotism during its eight-year tenure, noting the lack of substantial progress in security, economy, education, and healthcare. He pointed out that some of Tinubu’s recent appointments have drawn criticism for favoritism. Tinubu, who succeeded Buhari in May 2023, appointed 48 ministers last August, with subsequent resignations and suspensions among them. Sani also highlighted the failure of northern political leaders to address underdevelopment in the region, attributing the current situation to their ineffective use of political power.

Reacting to what Shehu Sani said, Atiku’s DG and a member of the PDP, claimed Buhari shared appointments across the North, Tinubu is too regional as the Chief of Staff, Chief Justice of Nigeria, Head of Service, AGF/Minister of Justice, CBN Governor, CG Customs are all Yoruba appointees.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>