Shehu Sani:”Northern Leaders Want To Display Tinubu Is Failing His Promises To The North Using Buhari”

Shehu Sani slams Silence And Lack Of Action At NEC Meeting "Minimum Wage Has Entered Voicemail"In an interview with Arise TV, former senator Shehu Sani recently made a statement regarding the continuing discussions between Northern leaders in advance of the 2027 election.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Recently, Atiku Abubakar met with former presidents Abdulsalami Abubakar, Ibrahim Babangida, and the recent meeting with Muhammadu Buhari in Daura.

This was followed by El-Rufai’s visit to Buhari.

Atiku was accompanied by other top Northern leaders, including Tambuwal.

These meetings have raised eyebrows and brought political discussions across the country.

The involvement of key northern figures in these discussions hints at strategic planning for the 2027 election.

The meetings are seen by some as an effort to use Northern political influence.

Sani suggested a deeper political planning, the aim, according to him, is to create a narrative that President Tinubu’s government is not meeting its promises, particularly in regions that supported him strongly during the elections.

“There is evidence of northern political forces aiming to use former President Buhari to undermine President Tinubu’s government. They want to portray the government as one that is failing to fulfill its campaign promises to the regions where it received the highest votes,” Shehu Sani said.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>