Shehu Sani:”I Thought It Was Said When Borders Are Opened, The Price Of The Bag Of Rice’ll Come Down”

Shehu Sani:"I Thought It Was Said When Borders Are Opened, The Price Of The Bag Of Rice'll Come Down"Former Senator Shehu Sani had doubts in a recent statement over the supposed economic advantages of reopening Nigeria’s land borders, specifically raising concerns about the lack of effect on rice prices. Sani emphasized that these results have not yet occurred, despite claims that opening borders will result in lower prices for key items like rice.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Sani’s comments come amidst ongoing discussions about the effectiveness of border policies on Nigeria’s economy. The closure of land borders was initially implemented by former President, Muhammad Buhari as a measure to boost local agricultural production and reduce reliance on imported goods.

However, critics like Sani argue that the policy has not yielded the expected increase in domestic food production for Nigeria’s population, which exceeds 200 million people.

The former lawmaker indirectly pointed out that while the policy aimed to enrich the nation, it inadvertently favored the wealthy by allowing rice importation through sea borders, thus not benefiting the average Nigerian.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>