Shehu Sani says.”I Just Passed A Group Of Protesters In Wuse 2, Carrying Placards Against Hunger In Land”


In the center of Abuja’s Wuse 2 district on Monday, former senator Shehu Sani came upon a demonstration against growing poverty and hunger. The protesters called attention to their rising dissatisfaction with food insecurity and the high cost of living in Nigeria by holding signs and screaming slogans.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Shehu Sani, known for his activism and sharp commentary on social and political issues, was passing through the area when he was recognized by the protesters. In a light-hearted exchange captured in a tweet from his verified Twitter account, Sani recounted the encounter: “I just passed a group of protesters in Wuse 2, carrying placards against ‘hunger in the land’. Some ladies among them recognized me and shouted ‘No be that Afro Senator be that’. I answered ‘yes na me the former former Senator’; then they responded ‘Oya pass’. Make Akpabio no pass there o.”



This anecdote highlights the former Senator’s rapport with the public and his recognition as a vocal advocate for the masses. The reference to Senator Godswill Akpabio, the current Senate President, underscores the deep-seated discontent with the current administration’s handling of the economy. Akpabio, a prominent figure in Nigerian politics, has been the subject of criticism due to the perceived inadequacies in addressing the nation’s economic woes.

The protest in Wuse 2 is part of a broader wave of demonstrations and public outcry across Nigeria, as citizens grapple with inflation, unemployment, and a lack of basic amenities. The economic challenges have been exacerbated by the lingering effects of the removal of fuel subsidy, global supply chain disruptions, and internal governance issues.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>