Shehu Sani Response After Zamfara State Govt’s Rejection Of A Christian Doctor Due To Religious Identity

Shehu Sani:"Best Senate We Ever Had Is Saraki, Lawan Was Rubber Stamp, Akpabio Is Far Below Standard"Former Senator Shehu Sani expressed his worries on the recent decision by the Zamfara state government to reject Dr. Maryam due to her religious identity in a message made via his official X account.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In his statement, Sani highlighted Dr. Maryam’s ties to Zamfara state and praised her professional achievements.

“Dr Maryam is from Zamfara state. I appeal to the Government of Zamfara to rescind their decision to reject her. Be proud of your good product and one of the best female medical professionals in the Country. She represent the good image of Zamfara.No person should be rejected because of the religious identity of his/her parents or the ethnic identity of his/her spouse.

Please reconsider,” Shehu Sani wrote.

Sani underlined the importance of recognizing and valuing the contributions of individuals regardless of their religious background.

He urged the Zamfara state government to take pride in Dr. Maryam’s accomplishments.

He further noted that Dr. Maryam represents a positive image of Zamfara, underlining the importance of her achievements for the state’s reputation.

The former senator also addressed the general issue of discrimination based on religious and ethnic identities.

His statement calls for a reconsideration of the decision, reflecting a plead for inclusivity and recognition of merit over religious or ethnic backgrounds.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>