Shehu Sani responds to the promise made by the new female minister to help 133 million Nigerians escape poverty.

The statement made by one of the new Ministers, Betta Edu, about reducing poverty prompted reactions on social media after Shehu Sani, a Nigerian senator and activist, responded on his official social media profile. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He claims that the same pledge to help millions of Nigerians out of poverty was made during the Buhari government. The current administration just made the same pledge.

He stated: “The Lady Minister, Betta, needs prayers as she seeks to help 133 million Nigerians from poverty. These ‘lifting’ promises under Buhari have already occurred.

Random social media users have responded to his tweet in a variety of ways. Please read the following responses from Nigerians who reacted on his social media post:

How long will the lift be running? Lifts a lifetime Instead of Creating Opportunities for Jobs Una lifts. We have already gone and done that. Stories

How much longer are we going to act like this? The game of assigning blame has begun! What did you achieve during your time as a senator in Kaduna, Sir?

We are all aware of the weight she will be lifting and the technique she used to get there. My one concern is that our girls will begin to imitate that lifting technique.…… Continue Your Reading

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