Shehu Sani: Nyesom Wike, When You Were In The Senate, How Did You Perform As A Senator

Shehu Sani: Nyesom Wike, When You Were In The Senate, How Did You Perform As A SenatorFormer federal lawmaker Senator Shehu Sani was recently criticized by Federal Capital Territory Minister Nyesom Wike, who raised questions about Sani’s performance while serving in office. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>

Wike emphasized the importance of tangible results and effective performance over mere vocal criticism and opposition. He argued that being an activist does not necessarily translate into being an effective leader or administrator. This distinction, Wike suggested, is crucial in evaluating the capabilities of those who aspire to or hold public office.

In a live broadcast on Channels TV, Wike pointed out that many activists have failed to deliver when given the opportunity to serve in official capacities. He highlighted instances where individuals known for their activism were appointed to positions of power but did not meet expectations. This observation was used to question the practical effectiveness of constant government criticism without actionable governance experience.

Wike also scrutinized Senator Shehu Sani’s performance during his tenure in the Senate, implying that Sani’s record did not match his public criticisms. This critique was aimed at illustrating the gap between vocal activism and the practicalities of governance. Wike’s comments underscored the need for accountability and measurable achievements in public service. He suggested that while activism plays a crucial role in advocating for change, it does not automatically equip individuals with the skills necessary for effective administration.

Hear him: ”The fact that many of you are activists does not mean you will do well if you were in our position. We have activists who have failed woefully in office. We have seen activists who were given appointments and yet didn’t perform. When you (Shehu Sani) were in the Senate, how did you perform as a senator? It is not about postulating and criticizing the government every time.”READ FULL STORY HERE>>>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING>>>