Several of Peter Obi’s attorneys have contacted to tell me that they are only lying to complete their task, Keyamo asserts

Several of Peter Obi's attorneys have contacted to tell me that they are only lying to complete their task, Keyamo assertsFestus Keyamo, a spokesperson for the APC Presidential Campaign Council and minister of labor and employment, claimed that Peter Obi’s attorneys informed him that by filing the petition against Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, they are only deceiving Nigerians because they already know they will lose the case.

In a Channels Television interview, Keyamo stated that he is pleased with the Labour Party’s petitions and that he tweeted about them a few days prior because he anticipated that the courts will reveal some information on the Labour Party’s allegations against Bola Tinubu….. Continue Reading

He continued by stating that Peter Obi’s claims are unfounded and that the truth will soon come to light through the Labour Party’s judicial department. He continued by saying that some of Obi’s own attorneys had gotten in touch with him to tell him the truth and that they were just continuing to represent the Labour Party to enrich themselves.

The speaker said,

“A few of the attorneys that Obi retained have called to assure me that they are just fibbing in order to get their jobs done. A few days ago, I tweeted my delight at the Labour Party’s petitions, explaining that I was looking forward to hearing the judgements of their judges and lawlord on the problems we had raised and tried to explain to Nigerians during the elections: that these things were worthless allegations. And please get back to me once a decision has been made. Peter Obi’s lawyers are well-versed in the law, and a few of them have even called me to ask questions “…

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