Sanusi:SAN Femi Falana, ‘The Orders Oozing Out Of Kano Are An Embarrassment To The Judiciary’

Femi Falana, It's a Mockery of Rule of Law If a High Court Judge Ignores the Judgement of the S'courtConcerned over the latest legal rulings pertaining to the Emirship that came from Kano, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN Femi Falana, described them as a disgrace to the judiciary.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He highlighted that the existence of conflicting judicial orders creates significant issues. Specifically, he mentioned that the state High Court issued an order in favor of Sanusi that such conflict would be resolved by the Court of Appeal to mitigate any confusion. He argued that this procedural step should typically prevent any further pronouncements from the Federal High Court judge as the matter is now under the purview of the higher court. He noted that despite this the judge in question proceeded to make further rulings.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”The orders oozing out of Kano are an embarrassment to the Judiciary. And once we already have conflicting orders, there is a problem. We have an order of the state High Court in favour of Sanusi. The practice in the past was to allow the Court of Appeal to clear the confusion as it were.

And in this case, an appeal has been filed in the court of appeal over the ruling of the court that it had jurisdiction over the matter. And from the information at my disposal, the record has been entered. Once that is shown to the Judge, he can no longer make any pronouncement but he still went ahead.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>