Sanusi:Ibrahim Isah, ‘The Law That Brought In The Five Dethroned Emirs Has Been Repealed’

If You Change It For Them, It Means The National Assembly Can Extend Tinubu's Tenure—According to Inibehe EffiongBarrister Ibrahim Isah, a counsel to the Kano State Government, has provided further details regarding the legal situation with the five dethroned emirs and Emir Sanusi’s reinstatement in Kano State subsequent to yesterday’s Federal High Court ruling.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He clarified that the law which had initially established their positions had been repealed, negating the need for the state government to enact new legislation or appeal-related issues. He pointed out that the crux of the state government’s grievances was the contention that the Court lacked the jurisdiction to address matters involving the enactment of laws on Emirship.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”The law that brought in the five dethroned emirs has been repealed. So the Kano state government need not to go back to enact any law or appeal any other issue. Because if you observe the cry of the state government, it has always been the fact that the Court itself does not have the jurisdiction to entertain issues that have to do with the enactment of law.

The Public needs to know that the Court was worried about the actions of the governor after the order came to his notice. And that order only came on the 24th during the ceremony of the reinstatement of the Emir Sanusi.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>