Sanusi:Aminu Babba, ‘He Was Stoned; People Were Stoning Him, Meaning They Were Not Happy With Him’

Kano:Aminu Babba, I'm the One That Went to Court to Challenge the Law; I'm the Sarkin Dawaki of KanoThe Kano Emirate’s Sarkin Dawaki Babba, Aminu Babba Danagundi, disclosed the general dissatisfaction of the Kano people with their controversial Emir, Muhammadu Sanusi II, in an interview with Arise TV. Danagundi gave a detailed account of the recent Darba procession, during which Sanusi was stoned, signifying the populace’s discontent with his direction.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He also recalled the tumultuous events surrounding Sanusi’s appointment, which were met with riots in Kano. The Sarkin Dawaki Babba questioned the unusual circumstances of Sanusi’s installation, which took place in the dead of night, accompanied by area thugs. He emphasised that this was a departure from the traditional norms of the Kano Emirate, which had never seen such a secretive and forced appointment in its 200-year history.

According to him, “If you were watching the film (the procession), he was stoned; people were stoning him, meaning that they’re not happy with him. And if you can recapitulate your memory, when they appointed Sanusi, there was a riot in Kano. Go back to your records; there was a riot in Kano. In fact, they have to move him with area thugs to the palace, and like we said, if you appoint an emir that people like, why did you appoint him and take him to the palace by 2:30 in the night? It is never done in the history of Kano over 200 years; it has never been done.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>