Sanusi Bature ‘Bayero’s father was buried there, his grandfather and his great-grandfather is there’

Sanusi Bature ‘Bayero’s father was buried there, his grandfather and his great-grandfather is there’According to The Nation, Aminu Bayero has been living at Nasarawa Palace since his removal as Kano’s emir, but the Kano State Government has given him an eviction notice, ordering him to leave.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to the government, the palace, described as a cemetery/graveyard with a section used as a guest house for important visitors, is unsafe for Bayero to continue staying in. They stated that Bayero had no valid reason to reside in the “defective structure,” claiming he “forced himself” into it.

Sanusi Bature, the Media and Publicity Director-General to Governor Abba Yusuf, announced the quit notice, revealing that the governor had approved N99.92 million for the demolition, reconstruction, and renovation of the palace’s defective wall/fence and its surroundings. Although Bature did not specify how the notice was served to Bayero, he explained that the approval was given during the State Executive Council meeting on Saturday.

Bature justified the eviction notice by pointing out that the Nasarawa Palace serves as a burial site for Bayero’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, and is primarily a cemetery for the late Emirs of Kano rather than a proper residence.

Bature said: “His (Bayero’s) father was buried there, his grandfather is there and his great-grandfather is there. You can find out. So, the Nasawara palace is a cemetery for the late Emirs of Kano, not much of a palace.

“Another part of it is used as a guest house for very important visitors of the palace. It is also where the Emir can rest for a short while when he is coming back from an annual festival during the Sallah celebration or when he is coming to the Government House.

“So, Aminu is living in a graveyard. He forced himself into that property. We want to renovate it so it can be used for its original purpose and Bayero’s safety from the defective structure.”

Bature also noted that with the repeal of the 2019 Emirate Law, which had established additional emirates such as Bichi, Karaye, Gaya, and Rano, Bayero’s jurisdiction no longer existed. He explained that the revised law united Kano under one emirate, abolishing Bayero’s former jurisdiction, which only covered eight metropolitan councils.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>